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Bushnell, Solvents, Ethanol, Car Crashes Tolerance, in American Scientist: Surprisingly, this analysis revealed that acute exposure to solvent vapors at concentrations below those associated with long-term effects appears to increase the risk of a fatal automobile accident. Furthermore, this increase in risk is comparable to the risk of death from leukemia after long-term exposure to benzene, another solvent, which has the well-known property of causing this type of cancer.
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Navy named a ship SS Increase A. Lapham during World War II. 29 The University of Wisconsin has an Increase A. 30 Lapham was inducted in 1992 into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame 31 and in 2003 into the Wisconsin Forestry Hall of Fame.
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By working shoulder to shoulder, together we can increase the bounty of all. If an increase of power was needed to secure this, they would not fail to ask it. What served to increase this, was the cannonade at the town.
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INCREASE Synthesis Document published INCREASE Synthesis Document has been published on the 14th of February 2017 Read. The significant rise in distributed renewable energy sources has placed an enormous burden on the secure operation of the electrical grid, impacting both the transmission system and the distribution system operators.
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Synonyms: spread, enlargement, expansion, escalation, burgeoning, more. Collocations: increase sales, profit, a tax, price increase, increase production, efficiency, more. Forum discussions with the words increase" in the title.: 10-fold increase medical. 167 percent membership increase. 2.6-fold increase in mean NNNN steady state AUC medical.
increase verb definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
Synonyms and related words. To increase, or to increase something: increase, go up, add to. Other ways of saying increase. be / go up to increase: used for talking about prices or levels: House prices went up a further 12 per cent last year.
Credit Limit Increase Capital One.
They say hard work is its own reward, but sometimes it feels like we deserve a little something more, right? If youve been using a credit card responsibly, you might be wondering about a credit limit increase sometimes called a credit line increase.
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It is unfortunate, not to say completely unworkable, that the number of Members of this House is to increase to 700. Jammer dat het aantal leden van dit Parlement gaat oplopen tot 700, absoluut onwerkbaar! to increase ook: to accelerate, to raise.
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a pay/price/tax increase Customers stocked up, anticipating a January price increase. an increase in sth Businesses are facing a 12% increase in energy costs. an increase of sth Revenue last year was 347 million, an increase of 26%. a dramatic / significant / substantial increase.
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The figures might go up but no one will know for sure if it is a real increase or a perceived increase. Etes say that the increase in the size of the show owes a great deal to the change of venue.

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